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October 6 City is considered one of the cities belonging to Giza Governorate, located just 38 kilometers away from Cairo Governorate. It comprises many residential neighborhoods, approximately 12 residential areas, including Sheikh Zayed City, Al-Hay Al-Mutamiez, the industrial zone, northern expansions, Al-Bashayer neighborhood, and October Gardens, the southern neighborhoods area, Gharb Soumid neighborhood, the first neighborhood, the second neighborhood, the fourth neighborhood, the fifth neighborhood, the seventh neighborhood, and the eighth neighborhood

These neighborhoods vary in terms of living standards, economic status, and social aspects

October Gardens City is considered one of the most important cities in all of October 6, offering a plethora of residential and recreational facilities and services. The percentage of displaced residents to October 6 City is high, so in this article, we will learn a lot about October 6 City, specifically focusing on the area and the map of October Gardens

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Overview of October Gardens

The area of October Gardens City covers approximately 41,780 acres, making it one of the most famous cities in October 6th and even across all of Egypt. This fame is attributed to the availability of numerous services and facilities in October Gardens City. Adjacent to it, you can find many restaurants, cafes, schools, universities, hospitals, and medical centers

All these features and amenities make it a distinctive residential and investment area

It occupies a strategic location between Fayoum Road and Wahat Road, with easy access to the ring road and Sheikh Zayed, approximately 20 minutes away

Moreover, it is considered one of the fourth-generation cities, administratively falling under the New Urban Communities Authority

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Location of October Gardens City

October Gardens City enjoys a distinctive strategic location, as it is situated at the convergence of several important roads that are often needed by everyone. The road network in October Gardens City spans approximately 285 square kilometers, with the following nearby roads

  • It lies between Cairo-Fayoum Road and Wahat Road
  • It is adjacent to October 6 City
  • It is also adjacent to New October City
  • It starts at the intersection of the Ring Road and Wahat Road
  • Additionally, it is close to Ahmed Zewail Road, which separates October Gardens from the South Wahat area, effectively making them two separate cities
  • October Gardens City has several entrances, such as the entrance near the wholesale market and the entrance near Dr. Ahmed Zewail Road
  • It also includes several other entrances from Fayoum Road, starting from the entrance after Giza Public Gardens
  • Additionally, it contains entrances between the Central Security Camp and Dashur Road

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Design of October Gardens City and its Master Plan

The city consists of various land divisions, including investment compounds, plots of land for national housing, plots for medium housing, and plots for social housing. There are also areas designated for self-built homes, where the government has distributed plots to residents, although informal settlements are also present

Differences between October Gardens City and New October City

The differences between them are not significant. October Gardens City covers an area of approximately 27,000 acres and is one of the modern cities established recently, administratively falling under the New Urban Communities Authority

It is considered a fourth-generation city and occupies a strategic location, as it is situated near several vital areas such as Haram Street, Wahat Road, Fayoum Road, the Ring Road, Ahmed Zewail Road, and

Shooting Square. Therefore, its strategic and distinguished location allows easy access and connectivity

October Gardens City is also characterized by its various spaces and enjoys high levels of tranquility and privacy. Additionally, it features numerous projects such as national housing projects, residential and

investment compounds, social housing projects, and the "Build Your Own Home" project. It also offers a variety of unit sizes and prices, making it suitable for both investors and residents alike


Projects in October Gardens City

October Gardens City is similar to October 6 City in terms of demographic diversity and the variety of units and prices in its neighborhoods. The decision to establish it was aimed at alleviating population density in October 6 City, which has experienced significant overcrowding recently due to people's inclination to move there and live in it

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