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Compound Vinci New Capital


Project Details

  • Project name Compound Vinci New Capital
  • Project location R7
  • Developer Misr Italia Development Projects
  • sales number 01146812776
  • The project Location fi mintaqat aldaawn tawin alqiteat MU 5/31
  • project area 110 acres
  • Unit types Apartments- standalone villas - twin houses
  • Unit area Starting from 122m
  • Unit Price Starting from 1,850,000
  • Payment Plan 10% down payment in installments over 9 years
  • Sales number 01146812776

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Vinci New Capital

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Vinci Compound New Capital Units

Vinci New Capital is a distinguished residential compound located in the Seventh District, r7, of  New Capital in Egypt. Developed by Misr Italia Development, Vinci Compound offers a luxurious lifestyle with international designs and a well-developed infrastructure, Vinci Compound is a perfect choice for those who seek distinction and brilliance in their lives.

Vinci misr italia's overall performance has been of a very high quality in 2022, despite a particularly turbulent geopolitical and macroeconomic backdrop. Additionally, Vinci Compound New Capital has experienced great success in the real estate market, with increasing demand and a positive outlook for the future. Overall, Vinci New Capital presents a promising investment opportunity for those seeking elite residential units in a prime location.

Vinci New Capital is a rapidly developing destination that boasts of being one of the most modern cities in Egypt. Located in the heart of the country and spread across 42,000 acres, it is touted as a new capital with a vision to become one of the leading urban developments in the world.

  • Standalones
  • Sky Villa
  • Twin houses
  • Garden Villa
  • Townhouses
  • 2 & 3 Bedrooms
  • Garden Terrace Apartment

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Vinci compound new capital MASTERPLAN 

Vinci misr italia has been designed with sustainability and innovation in mind, making it an attractive place to live, work, and visit. With its strategic location near major highways, airports, and seaports, Vinci New Capital is set to become an economic hub for Egypt and a gateway to the rest of the world. In this blog post, we'll take a closer look at why Vinci New Capital's location is key to its success as a future city.


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Vinci lagoons misr italia design

All units dimensions are measured to structural elements and exclude wall finished and construction tolerances. 2. All dimensions have been provided by our consultant architects. 3. All materials, dimensions and drawings are approximate, information subject to change without notice.

4. Actual areas may vary from the-stated area, Drawings not to scale. The developer reserves the right to make revisions. 5. Actual unit areas, front windows, porches, terraces, loggia and exterior trim detail may vary by elevation styles and floor level.

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Vinci misr Italia location

Vinci New Capital's location offers a prime spot within close proximity to the Diplomatic District, making it an ideal choice for those who value convenient access to important areas.

Vinci misr italia spread across 110 acres of land in New Capital, this residential compound boasts a range of impressive features and facilities. Positioned in the 7th residential area (R7), G4, within the heart of the New Capital City, the entire compound offers stunning views of the green river, providing residents with a picturesque setting to relax and unwind.

Additionally, Vinci Mall New Capital, the first mall established by Misr Italia in the New Capital, is located nearby at R7 on the Capital Axis Road, creating a centralized hub for entertainment, shopping, and dining. With apartments and villas located in this prime location, Vinci New Capital is the perfect destination for those seeking a luxurious and comfortable lifestyle.

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Size and Features of Vinci Compound

The Vinci Compound in the New Administrative Capital is a unique project that offers luxury and comfort to its residents.

Vinci compound spans across a large area and offers a range of different properties for sale, including villas, apartments, and twins.

The features within the compound are exceptional, and residents will enjoy high-end facilities such as a clubhouse, a large green area, and swimming pools.

Vinci lagoons is tailored to provide a comfortable and luxurious lifestyle to its residents while offering privacy and exclusivity.

One of the most significant features of the Vinci Compound is its location overlooking the Green River, which provides calming and refreshing views for residents.

Additionally, Vinci Mall, located inside the compound, offers a convenient shopping experience for residents.

Overall, Vinci Compound showcases a perfect blend of luxury living and well-being with its unique size and features.

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VINCI Street Overview

VINCI Street is located in the New Capital in the luxury boutique living compound “VINCI”. The optimum location of VINCI Street allows the strip to serve the surrounding
The commercial strip is compartmentalized into five buildings, the fifth building is a stand-alone nursery. Capturing the essence of the luxurious lifestyle, the design is complemented with easily accessible facilities and services that optimize the experience. The nature of the landscape around the strip enables visitors to enjoy and maximize their stay at VINCI Street.

VINCI Street has crystal glass exteriors, amplifying the space and creating a broader perspective to the whole area elevating the experience. The facades are provided finished to the tenants to maintain the monotone symmetrical design throughout the strip to sustain VINCI Street’s spirit.

The parking space for visitors is located in front of the buildings for visitors while the one for Vinci residents is behind the buildings. Available external terraces exist for selected units facing the external terraces can be sold or rented. Buildings are equipped with handicapped facilities, rest-units, prayer room, passenger and separate service elevators, escalators connecting the ground and first floors in the retail buildings, tie-ins are obligatory for all units.

VINCI Street reflects an elegant and modern style of life, one of which is unparalleled in its artistic uniqueness. At the outdoor gatherings, visitors can unwind, feel the strains of the city melt away and mingle with one another while they enjoy elegant retail & F&B stores that serve them with a comforting ambience and variety of choices to suit all age groups.

The visitors can gain access to VINCI street from the promenade that connects the four buildings. The strip is set to become New Capital’s finest lifestyle shopping, dining and leisure destination. Buildings B2 & B3 are made up of two floors with numerous retail shops, restaurants and cafes with outdoor areas as well as recreational facilities. The two floors are accessible with passenger and separate service elevators in addition to an escalator.

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Vinci Mall New Capital: Location and Features

Vinci Street Mall new capital is an extravagant shopping haven, perfectly located on the Capital Axis Road, which passes through several landmarks such as the Al-Massa Hotel, the exhibition grounds, the cathedral, and the new airport.

The mall is situated in the R7 area, the seventh residential neighborhood, on the central axis in plot G4. The importance of this road lies in its prime location, which makes it easily accessible from both the Sefarat Neighborhood and the Exhibition Grounds.

Inside the mall, visitors can expect to find a multitude of features and services, such as a variety of shops, restaurants, cafes, and entertainment options. It is an excellent destination for families and those looking for high-end shopping experiences, coupled with a luxurious ambiance. The location and features of the Vinci Mall are unparalleled, making it an establishment that stands out from the rest.

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Misr Italia Properties is a leading real estate market for years. We have been known for providing the paramount projects for residential, commercial, and leisure properties across Egypt. We aim to stay on the market lead with more forward thinking and trend setting projects.

Built trend-setting projects with unique concepts and designs that are unmatched in the field. Misr Italia Properties has engraved its name as one of the top providers for luxurious living communities in Egypt, planning to deliver over thousands of homes over the coming few years. Misr Italia Properties is committed to form and manage renowned developments and new residential projects in Egypt that keep on pro
viding that unique and enriching lifestyle for its community.

Misr Italia Properties is the developer of several residential, administrative, coastal and hospitality projects across Egypt. Our residential projects include renowned concepts such as IL Bosco New Capital, La Nuova Vista (New Cairo), Vinci (New Capital) and IL Bosco City New Cairo – Mostakbal City).

Our commercial projects include Garden 8 (New Cairo) and Vinci Street (New Capital), our administrative projects include Cairo Business Park, set to become New Cairo’s premier business hub, and our coastal projects include Kai Sokhna and Kai Sahel. As for our hospitality projects, they include Kai Sokhna Hilton Hotel & Resorts and Cairo Business Park Hilton Garden Inn.


DMA carries more than 25 years of extensive experience in delivering architectural & engineering services covering urban planning, architectural and landscape design, construction supervision & interior design; for all the real estate developments & facility sectors. In DMA, we believe that Architectural Design is not only about being iconic or unique; It is about bringing the project to life.



What is Vinci Compound area?

110 acres

Who is the real estate developer of Vinci New Capital?

Misr Italia Developments

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