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It is said that since its inception in 2014, it is developing itself every day and offer everything you need in terms of estate design and very unique housing units, as the development in Egypt is a good example and continuous change and an important catalyst for making imagination into tangible reality, because it provides too much value to compare with other companies, which is Visible to everyone through a series of very typical projects expounded on various aspects of life and development.

Tatweer Misr has always prided itself on its endless wealth of unique industrial and technical expertise of different groups, Tatweer Misr Real Estate offers a very unique and innovative perspective on the integrated living that all cities in the Arab Republic of Egypt seek, in order to stand out from each other, to become an outstanding real estate developer. Highly pioneered in Egypt, It also offers a wide range of mixed-use programs to enrich life in all its communities.

Tatweer Misr projects

The diversification of Tatweer Misr's projects in the Egyptian real estate market has helped it achieve excellence and sophistication with all real estate companies. Units and spaces within projects also vary, which helps investors choose the right unit for them. Tatweer Misr's most important real estate investment projects are:-

Il Monte Galala Ain Sokhna

One of the outstanding projects of Tatweer Misr Real Estate Investment Company is IL Monte Galala Village in Ain Sukhna City, it is one of the most important and largest projects in Ain Sukhna area, where you will find this project occupies a very large area, estimated There are 530 acres and this project is located on the road of Zaafarana City, Jalala City It is very close to the Mövenpick resort.

The village of IL Monte Galala has many features that make it one of the best resorts in the Ain Sokhna area, the most important of which are:

  • The resort is famous for overlooking the Red Sea, which is very pure and has coral reefs of fascinating colors.
  • There are also cable cars in the resort, allowing customers to move on the resort's characteristic alpine slopes.
  • The resort is far away from noise and congestion, offering a calm atmosphere to its clients.
  • The resort is characterized by easy access due to its proximity to the main road within Ain Sokhna.

Fouka Bay North Coast

Among the unique projects that Tatweer Misr is known for its design excellence is the village of Fouka Bay on the north coast which includes a suite of services unlike any other; it has a strong international design and is designed and includes lots of green space to enjoy the views.

The project site is also known for its strategicity and dynamism, as it is located directly in the Ras al-Hikma sea area, one of the third most beautiful in the world. It's also close to many important landmarks, including:

  • Near Hacienda Bay North Coast.
  • and the village of Coast 82 at km 211 of the Alexandria/Matrouh road in Ras El Hikma Bay.
  • 75 Kilometers away from Marsa Matrouh
  • 132 Kilometers away from Alamein Road

D Bay North Coast

دي باي الساحل الشمالي

D bay north coast is characterized by its unrivaled and unique location on the north coast, the village is located at kilo 165 Alexandria Matrouh, 5 minutes from La Vista Bay, 15 minutes from Tilal Village and 50 kilometers from Fouka Bay. It is also near Ras El Hikma Bay and is known for its proximity to Al Fouka Road new.

There are also many services within the village of Derby on the North Coast as it is known for providing many services including:

  • Swimming Pools for everone.
  • Safety Cameras.
  • 24/7 security and guards throughout the village.
  • Availability of many restaurants and cafes of the highest class.
  • Track for running and walking.
  • Spa, gym and Jakuzy.
  • Count Of Projects : 6
  • Count Of Estates : 269
  • Location
    • El Mostakbal City
    • Ras al-Hikma
    • El Sheikh Zayed