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Misr Italia Properties

Misr Italia real estate development projects were characterized by their luxurious architectural design, the choice of a prominent site, and the variety of spaces.

In order to compete with Egypt's major real estate businesses, it launched a new offering in the real estate market and completed all of its projects within the set delivery date with the best features and rates.

Misr Italia Development

After establishing itself in 1998, MisrItalia won several victories in the real estate market and a lengthy history of wins in the hands of the best engineers, and enough expertise in project execution to present a good appearance.

Misr Italia properties is in direct competition with other real estate ventures in the area. Real estate specialists and developers Misr Italia Development worked together to make this company a major player in the industry.

More about Misr Italia

The firm has always been eager to execute its projects in locations that attract customers, such as misr italia new capital, which has been the center of everyone's attention, as well as projects in the Sixth of October City, the Fifth Settlement, Ain Sukhna, misr italia mostakbal city and other new areas.

In addition to, it had all the amenities and services necessary to satisfy their every want.

misr italia has chosen for a contemporary approach to project execution that relies on a diverse workforce. It does not depend only on the construction of new houses. Still, it has offered a wide range of commercial and administrative projects and tourist resorts, as well as a wide range of spaces to satisfy all groups and owners of good taste, making it an attractive option for investors.

Misr Italia Projects

Misr Italia's goal is to display urban development in its greatest forms and designs, attracting the largest number of investors while addressing the expectations of consumers in regard to services, amenities, and recreational activities.

IL Bosco New Capital

  • The Presidential Palace and Academic Center are both within walking distance of Misr Italia new capital.
  • More than a hundred thousand acres.
  • Units Apartments, villas, and twin homes are all examples of this kind.
  • Units 121 m2 to 530 m2 of space is available.
  • Misr italia prices of a meter ranges from 9000 to 12,000 E.P.
  • It is possible to pay in installments over a period of up to 7 years with a 10% down payment.

Kai Ain Sokhna resort

  • MisrItalia has built an resort on Sokhna Road, next to the Red Sea.
  • Kai Sokhna You may find us 20 kilometers before Zaafarana, on the Sokhna Road.
  • Kai El Sokhna is a character in the series. The total area of the hotel is 147,000 square meters.
  • In the form of a chalet or villa.
  • start From 64 square meter to 165 square meter, chalets and villas are available in a variety of spaces (first row).
  • Misr italia announced payment plan start from 10 percent of the total price is paid in monthly installments for 7 years.

Misr Italia New Cairo

New Cairo and the American University of Cairo (AUC) are only a few minutes away from La Vista New Cairo, making it accessible by a variety of transportation.

More than only a high-end architectural style for the residential units within, the Lanova Vista project was created on an area of 41 acres contain villas, townhouses, and penthouses of varied spaces:

  • From 589 to 659 square meters, the area of the independent villas can be found.
  • From 353 m2 to 452 m2 are available for townhouses.

Other Projects

     Italian Square 6th October.

    Vinci New Capital.

     New Suez Compound.

    Business Park New Cairo.

Garden 8

  • Count Of Projects : 6
  • Count Of Properties : 71
  • Location
    • North Coast
    • Investors area
    • Zafarana

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