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Hassan Allam Properties is a leading privately-owned engineering, construction and infrastructure company based in Egypt. Founded in 1936 by Hassan Mohamed Allam, hassan allam holding has grown from a small general contractor to a widely respected developer of choice.

With 43,000 square meters of handpicked eateries, artisanal cafés and world-class restaurants, Hassan Allam Properties offers an unparalleled experience for its customers. hassan allam holding's commitnt to innovation and quality has made it one of the most trusted developers in the region.

As part of their commitment to providing high quality services and products, Hassan Allam Properties offers competitive compensation benefits for their employees such as health insurance plans and retirement savings options. With 144,000 square meters of retail space under development, Hassan Allam Properties is set to become one of the most prominent commercial developers in Egypt.


About Hassan Allam Properties

Founded by the Allam family in 1936, Hassan Allam Holding is one of Egypt's leading privately owned engineering, construction and infrastructure companies. hassan allam holding has achieved remarkable success in the development of prime locations throughout Egypt while providing their customers with private luxury and inviting hospitality. Their commitment to excellence ensures that each community created by HAP offers its residents an unparalleled living experience.

From their family to yours - they stand the test of time with a transcending legacy that will continue through generations of hope. For reservations and inquiries about hassan allam holding, please call the following numbers:

Call now: 01146812776
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The Different Types of Developments by Hassan Allam Properties

Hassan Allam Properties is a leading real estate developer in Egypt, offering exquisite residential and commercial projects that are crafted to the highest standards. Their portfolio includes some of the most iconic communities in the country, such as The Phoenix Compound, Swan Lake New Cairo and Swan Lake-6th October, both luxury residential developments.

Additionally, they specialize in irrigation water transmission lines and Park View Haptown. With 85% of their 50 acre projects dedicated to lush green spaces and breathtaking landscapes, Hassan Allam Properties provide intimate settings for communities to flourish.

They strive to be at the forefront of innovation by working with leading local and global names in the industry. Whatever your real estate needs may be, you can trust Hassan Allam Properties to deliver quality results.

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Hassan Allam Properties

An Experienced Team at Hassan Allam Properties

Working with the experienced team at Hassan Allam Properties has many advantages. With 80 years of experience in Egypt and the MENA region, you can be sure that their projects will be top-notch and on time. Their uncompromising integrity and strong family spirit makes every project a success, while also providing members with an intimate setting to flourish.

Employees rate their compensation and benefits as 3.6 out of 5, making it a great place to work. They are committed to providing timely, safe, cost-efficient, and quality services for all their customers. Whether you're looking for a CRM officer or just want to join the team for its camaraderie and sense of belonging, Hassan Allam Properties is the perfect choice for you!

Hassan Allam Holding

For reservations and inquiries about hassan allam holding, please call the following numbers:

Call now: 01146812776
or via WhatsApp

Hassan Allam's projects

The company has implemented various works in the Middle East in various activities, as it was not limited to residential projects only, but also provided expansions in all types of construction such as factories, hospitals, hotels, sewage stations, electricity networks, roads, airports, and the construction of bridges with the highest standards that contributed to the development of the economic situation in Egypt. Hassan Allam Company includes:

  • Fustat water station.
  • Construction of Grand View Buildings.
  • Implementation of Mall of Arabia in 6th of October City.
  • The company established the building of the Ministry of Justice.
  • Implementation of the first line of a water purification plant in Qena Governorate.
  • The company established a gym in New Ismailia.
  • It implemented a sewage project in the governorate of Gharbia, inside the village of Al-Amma.
  • Construction of 15 residential buildings in southern Gardenia in the social housing project.
  • The construction of many bridges such as Talkha Bridge, Fowa Bridge in Kafr El Sheikh, Damanhour Bridge and Belbeis Bridges.
  • Establishing a project for a thousand homes for the Nuba people in the Wadi Al-Amal region.
  • The company implemented the Engineering Authority for Roads in the Administrative Capital.

Hassan Allam Company projects:

  • Swan Lake Resort El Gouna.
  • Park View Katameya.
  • Baia Bianca Resort Sharm El Sheikh.
  • Every Mall New Cairo.
  • Little Venice Ain Sokhna Village.
  • Seasons Residence New Cairo.
  • Azura Residential Resort Sahl Hasheesh.
  • Swan Lake Compound New Cairo.
  • Swan Lake North Coast Compound.
  • The Phoenix Compound New Cairo.
  • Park View Hub Town Mostakbal City.
  • Giselle Swan Lake Compound New Cairo.
  • El Shorouk Springs Compound in El Shorouk City.

Securing the Right Location Through Hassan Allam Properties

Hassan Allam Properties is an Egyptian real estate developer that offers innovative solutions to the community's needs. Founded in 1936, it has become one of the leading infrastructure companies in Egypt. Hassan Allam Properties offers a range of residential, commercial, and vacation resorts projects – from Little Venice Resort in Ain Sukhna to Swan Lake October and Giselle Swan Lake Katameya – all of which are designed to meet the needs of modern life and provide a safe and comfortable environment for its residents.

One of their most recent developments is a 144,000-square-meter fully-integrated commercial project located in Marassi Sidi Abdel Rahman. The project consists of two luxury hotels, Address Beach Resort Marassi and Vida Marina Hotel, as well as a fully finished apartment complex with 5% down payment and 8 years equal payment plan.

Hassan Allam Properties also provides 24/7 security systems, playgrounds for various sports activities, shopping centers, mosques and other facilities ensuring that their customers are provided with everything they need while living there.

Innovating to lead by example in becoming the region's leading developer of choice, Hassan Allam Properties offers its clients the opportunity to secure the right location through its development programs. With an exquisite range of vacation resorts and world class hospitality services available at competitive prices across Egypt – secured under their payment plans – Hassan Allam Properties is your first choice for finding your perfect home or business location.

For reservations and inquiries about Hassan Allam Construction Company, please call the following numbers:

Call now: 01146812776
or via WhatsApp

Design and Construction Services Offered By HassaAllamProperties

Hassan Allam Properties offers a wide range of design and construction services for clients who are looking to build or renovate their projects. Their team of highly experienced engineers and construction professionals have the skills and knowledge to develop, design and construct projects that meet the highest standards of quality. They specialize in delivering engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) services for large complex projects such as roads, car tunnels and service tunnels.

In addition to these services, they also offer building materials procurement and construction, as well as utilities. With over 34,000 employees in their network, they are able to provide efficient solutions according to client needs while adhering to the highest safety standards. Hassan Allam Properties is a reliable partner when it comes to designing and constructing projects with excellence.

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hassan allam holding

For reservations and inquiries about Hassan Allam Construction Company, please call the following numbers:

Call now: 01146812776
or via WhatsApp

  • Count Of Projects : 3
  • Count Of Properties : 92
  • Location
    • Ain El Sokhna
    • 6 October
    • El Mostakbal City

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