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About Q Developments Egypt

Q Development, an Egyptian venture which was founded in 2016, holds a 50% interest in Jumeirah Egypt Contracting Company, 75% of the shares of EG Capital Contracting, and a majority ownership of 90% in Q Asset Management, Q Tourism Investment, as well as Q Art House Furniture Company.

Q developments egypt, which has extensive experience spanning several decades, has a wide range of investments in various sectors. These include real estate, contracting, tourism, furniture manufacturing and trading, as well as ownership and management of commercial malls. This diverse range of investments serves as evidence of the company's dedication to advancement and creativity across multiple industries.

Q Developments has a solid foundation, with a proficient construction division that can successfully carry out all of its projects. Additionally, q developments egypt places great importance on sticking to the planned timelines and ensuring prompt deliveries.

Q Development has a reputation for its dedication to achieving high standards in its real estate offerings. Moreover, it is recognized as the pioneer in introducing a real estate project of such exceptional quality in the prime location of the North Coast. This dedication to excellence and creativity resonates throughout all of the company's ventures and financial endeavors.


Q North Sidi AbdelRahman

A new development called Q North Coast is arriving in a highly important location in Egypt. El Sahel is an exceptional tourist spot that attracts people from around the globe seeking an ideal vacation. q north sidi abdelrahman is known for its large-scale village projects, which raises the question of why one would choose to rent a unit there when they can own it and have it available for each visit.

Q North Sidi AbdelRahman strives to offer its visitors an array of top-notch choices in units, spaces, amenities, and services, aiming to ensure that they have an ideal break from their everyday lives. At Q North, all you need to focus on is enjoying a wonderful time with your loved ones, without any concerns or worries.

Secure your own unit at Q North Coast now and ensure that your vacation is extraordinary every time you decide to take a break. q north sidi abdelrahman offers a range of options including apartments and twin villas, with sizes starting from 55 square meters.

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