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Introduction About mivida new cairo

If you're someone who is planning to invest in a property and are looking for a luxurious and peaceful location, then you might have come across mivida new cairo.

This beautiful residential compound located in the heart of New Cairo offers a serene environment and world-class amenities that attract investors from all around the globe. Look at Mivida compound prices and why they are worth every penny. If you're curious to learn more about this extravagant residential compound, keep reading!

Emaar Mivida Compound New Cairo includes residential units of various spaces to suit all customers' needs to meet all of the requirements of customers in the compound.

Mivida emaar is based on combining everything natural in the environment with multi-use means, with the goal of creating an eco-friendly community where customers can enjoy the magnificent views of the green spaces as well as the beautiful gardens, as well as a dedicated walkway that provides the most privacy.

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Emaar Misr Developments

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Luxurious mivida new cairo Offers A Wide Range of Properties For Sale

Mivida Compound, developed by Emaar Misr, offers a wide range of luxurious properties for sale in New Cairo's Fifth Settlement. With a total area of 890 acres, the compound includes apartments, twin houses, town houses, villas, offices, and clinics. The units range from 191 m² up to 779 m², providing ample options to suit different tastes and requirements.

 Mivida prices is eco-friendly, provides green spaces and water bodies, and reflects a harmonious mix of residential, commercial, and administrative buildings. Payment methods are flexible, with 5% down payment, 10% second payment, and installments up to 6 years.

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Desien of mivida emaar new cairo

Mivida Emaar New Cairo has a special design that consists of 80% of the total area for gardens, landscape, and walkways dedicated to jogging and walking, and the areas of residential units in Mivida Compound Egypt are varied and priced to suit a wide range of social classes.

Mivida compound كمبوند ميفيدا التجمع الخامس has been thoroughly reviewed to extract the finest details, the perfect balance is achieved by having open space between buildings, the emphasis is on green pathways and trails that wind through peppered lakes, creating an unparalleled environment throughout the development.
mivida compound prices provides an ideal utilization of space to offer luxurious homes, creating a bustling atmosphere, downtown provides a completely separate and peaceful mindset where there is a sense of tranquility and ease.

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Emaar mivida new cairo services and facilities

Emaar mivida compound includes many services, both basic and recreational, to meet all of the needs of customers and eliminate the need for them to leave the compound to purchase their necessities.

These are the services available:

  • Green spaces: It has a lot of green spaces that give you a sense of calm and comfort when you look at them, as well as swimming pools and artificial lakes.
  • Sports Club: It includes a sports club for all types of sports enthusiasts, as well as a health club, a social club, and sports playgrounds.
  • Shopping Mall: A shopping mall has been established within, with many shops for those who enjoy shopping.
  • Medical Center: mivida compound new cairo includes a medical centre outfitted with cutting-edge medical technology in order to provide health care to all customers.
  • Security and guarding: In order to maintain the compound's safety and stability, security and guarding services were provided 24 hours a day, in addition to the presence of a garage for each residential unit within mivida emaar.
  • Restaurants and cafes: it includes a variety of restaurants and cafes that serve the best and most expensive food and beverages.
  • Children's entertainment area: A children's entertainment area with a variety of fun games has been designated.
  • International Schools: It also has international schools, so residents do not have to leave emaar mivida compound with their children to study.

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Advantages of investment in mivida new cairo

Mivida new cairo prices is one of Emaar Misr's residential projects, located in the fifth settlement of New Cairo, and it spans 890 acres. mivida prices also contains over 5000 residential units, ranging from apartments to twin houses and villas.

emaar mivida compound has many features, including:

  • Solar energy is used to illuminate residential units.
  • Within the compound, there is security and privacy.
  • In close proximity to international schools and universities.
  • The range of residential unit areas, mivida compound prices, and payment plan.

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Description of mivida new cairo and its units

Emaar mivida compound spans 860 acres of green space and residential units, and it owns 5000 different residential units, including villas, apartments, and townhouses, to provide customers with a variety of options.

mivida business park includes the following important and exclusive features and services to increase customer entertainment and enjoyment:

  • There are many green spaces and lakes that provide the client with a beautiful view.
  • The wonderful design combines modernity and sophistication, as well as the variety of units, so that the customer feels as if the unit was custom-made for him.
  • Mivida Boulevard also has a sports walkway, a games area, restaurants and cafes throughout the compound serving delicious food, and a large commercial mall.
  • It has a health club, a sport, and a social gym with cutting-edge sports equipment.
  • Swimming pools of various shapes and sizes to accommodate people of all ages.

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Mivida compound location

Mivida compound is a gated community situated in the heart of Fifth Settlement, New Cairo, covering an 890-acre space. Its strategic location makes it easily accessible from different directions through various main roads such as The Ring Road, N/A Road, and Suez Road.

 mivida compound new cairo caters to the needs of elite classes and people with high social levels, offering Italian architecture combined with Monterey Colonial architectural style. mivida prices compound features greenery and beautiful landscapes that provide a sense of calmness, making life similar to that enjoyed in Europe. 

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Mivida Residences: The Perfect Mix of Nature and Multi-Use Means

Mivida is one of the highest residential complexes in the area, offering a distinctive design incorporating natural elements. The compound comprises over 5000 residential units, offering residents a variety of options.

 One of the key features of mivida compound prices is the use of solar energy to illuminate residential units. Security and privacy are ensured within the compound, while international schools and universities are located nearby. In addition, the compound offers various residential unit areas, prices, and payment methods to cater to everyone's needs.

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Discover The Villas For Sale In New Cairo’s Mivida Compound

Discover the Villas for Sale in New Cairo's Mivida Compound, a healthy and environmentally friendly residential project implemented by Emaar Misr Company. With 117 listings of different areas, compare prices and photos and contact the seller directly using the map.

mivida new cairo contains various properties, including apartments, twin houses, and villas, with spaces starting from 190 square meters for apartments to 331 square meters for villas. mivida compound prices offers various designs and good payment options of up to 6 years.

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The Perfect Villas For Sale In emaar mivida compound

Located in the heart of New Cairo, Mivida Compound by Emaar Misr offers 117 villas for sale. This ecofriendly residential project provides comfort and tranquility with green areas, gardens, and water bodies. The compound features international schools, medical centers, places of worship, and a large shopping center housing shops and restaurants.

 mivida new cairo prices villas start from 331 square meters and offer a variety of designs, including apartments and twin houses. Payment options are available for up to six years, making buying or investing in mivida new cairo an excellent choice.

Spread across 890 acres, Mivida Compound New Cairo offers apartments, twin houses, townhouses, offices, clinics, and 779sqm Mivida Villas for Sale. The compound is a harmonious mix of residential compounds, commercial and administrative buildings, entertainment facilities, and services. Mivida Compound's design incorporates green spaces and water bodies, creating an eco-friendly community. 

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Where is Mivida Compound located?

Mivida Compound is located in the Fifth Settlement, directly on the 90th Street.

The real estate developer of Mivida Compound New Cairo

Emaar Misr Real Estate Company

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