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nile business city New Capital

down town

Project Details

  • Project name nile business city New Capital
  • Project location down town
  • Developer Nile Development Projects
  • project Location Down Town in the New Capital
  • project area 7 Acres
  • Unit types Administrative - Commercial
  • Payment Plan 10% down payment in installments over 10 years
  • sales number 01146812776
  • Sales number 01146812776

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nile business city new capital

With its worldwide contemporary style and world-class amenities, Nile Business City New Capital is a freshly created business icon in the heart of Downtown the new capital city. Because of its many benefits, this project is the only one in the new capital that has no competition.

Nile Business City, the skyscraper that will deliver prosperity and luxury to your hands, offers the finest value and investment opportunity you're looking for.

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For those looking for a high-end administrative unit or office, Nile Business City has a beginning area of

Administrative spaces start from 44 meters
The price per administrative square meter starts from 55 thousand
Commercial spaces start from 48 meters
The price of a commercial meter starts from 185,000 thousand pounds to 300,000 thousand pounds

. As a result, the apartments in the project have been designed and built with the utmost care and attention to detail.

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There are a variety of payment options available to consumers of Nile real estate, such as:

  •      10% down payment – six-year installments
  •      15% down payment – 7-year installments
  •      20% down payment – 8-year payment plan
  •      Down payment: 25% – 9-year payment plan
  •      a 30 % down payment with a 10-year installment plan
  •       discounts of 47 percent are available for Cash

Get the chance to live the life you've always wanted by owning a business unit in one of the world's most exclusive developments in New Capital.

Waiting until the last minute is not an option if you want to be a part of a project of this magnitude.

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In addition to a comprehensive choice of amenities, the Nile Business City tower provides an integrated working environment that guarantees your comfort and refinement. Nile Business City offers a variety of services, including:

  •      Landscapes and green areas provide a clean and pleasant atmosphere for your workplace.
  •      a five-story parking garage
  •      In addition to a large theater complex, there are several managerial amenities.
  •      A water features
  •      Conference and meeting rooms are available.
  •      In addition to cafés, international restaurants provide the greatest hotel services, as well as the best cuisine and drink.
  •      The world's most renowned worldwide brands and companies that cater to everyone's preferences may be found in an integrated commercial area.
  •      Surveillance cameras keep an eye on the premises at all times for the safety of everyone.
  •      Services that are at the pinnacle of entertainment integration and adhere to the highest industry standards.
  •      Maintenance and plumbing services are provided at this location.
  •      As well as electric gates and entrances with panoramic views, there are also panoramic elevators.
  •      All floors have bathrooms نايل بيزنس سيتي العاصمة الادارية.
  •      The greatest hotel services in the new capital, so you may enjoy optimum comfort in your everyday working environment.

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The location of Nile Business City within the New Administrative Capital is a crucial factor in its success as an investment project. Situated in plot MU-32, the complex is strategically located at the heart of the capital's . 

This area is one of the most important and sought-after regions in the city, with easy access to major transportation links and other commercial and residential areas.

Additionally, Nile Business City is situated on the Green River, in the middle of a strip of tourist towers, highlighting its strategic location for businesses and investors seeking prime real estate opportunities.

 With a vast space of eight acres, the first phase of the project features administrative units, catering to the growing demand for versatile commercial spaces in the capital. Nile Business City New Capital is a flagship project of Nile Real Estate Development Company, offering guaranteed returns with a low down payment of 10%.

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Nile real estate has been an important factor in the development of the Egyptian economy for many years. The Nile River has always been a key player in the growth of the country, and the new administrative capital is no exception.

 The Nile Business City New Capital is a prime example of how the Nile River is being harnessed for economic development. This complex is strategically located in the center of the New Administrative capital's "Golden zone" right in the middle of the Green River.

 Nile Business City New Capital offers a range of administrative units in its first phase with varying prices and easy installment plans. Nile Development, the company behind this project, is one of the most prominent developers in Egypt, and they have created a real estate masterpiece in the form of Nile Business City.

With the second-tallest tower in the New Administrative capital and a huge space of 7.8 acres, this complex is a testament to the growth of the Nile real estate market. As such, Nile Business City offers an excellent investment opportunity for those looking for a prime location

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Nile Business City Payment Plan?

●     10% down payment – six-year installments

●     15% down payment – 7-year installments

●     20% down payment – 8-year payment plan

●     Down payment: 25% – 9-year payment plan

●     a 30 % down payment with a 10-year installment plan

●     Down payment: 10% – 10-year payment plan

Location Nile Business City?

It is located in the new administrative capital, plot number mu-32

What are the prices of the nile business city new capital mall??

The price per commercial meter starts from 185,000 to 300,000

The administrative meter price starts from 55,000

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