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Capital Dubai New Capital


Project Details

  • Project name Capital Dubai New Capital
  • Project location R7
  • Developer Dubai Development Projects
  • sales number 01146812776
  • The project Location in area 1 Seventh residential district
  • أنواع الوحدات وحدات تجارية
  • مساحة المشروع 13000 متر مربع
  • أنظمة السداد يتم دفع 10% مقدم والتقسيط يصل الي 8 سنوات
  • Sales number 01146812776


capital dubai mall

  • One of capital dubai mall's most notable features is its location in the heart of the New Capital, close to the most important areas and main roads.
  • There are large electric elevators for loading, particularly for large goods, as well as other lifts for customers.
    There is a fire alarm system and a number of firefighting tubes on each floor.
  • High-speed Internet services that operate without interruption.
  • The mall uses a solar energy system to reduce electricity consumption and is one of the more environmentally friendly projects.
  • A massive central air conditioning system distributes fresh air throughout.
    Security and guards are stationed both inside and outside dubai development new capital, which is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • A modern automatic system cleans the mall facades.
  • A separate entertainment area for children, complete with age-appropriate games.
  • A number of surveillance cameras are stationed both inside and outside capital mall dubai to monitor all activities.
  • Administrative units are fully finished and serviced within capital dubai mall.
  • Inside dubai development new capital mall, there is a large, well-equipped conference hall, ideal for businessmen.
  • Sky Lounge is a place to sit, relax, and enjoy the scenery.

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For a great shopping experience, all of the stores in dubai development new capital are distributed across spaces with a dazzling and modern design. capital dubai mall has two basements and three upper consecutive floors, and it serves 42 residential compounds.

Own your commercial in capital mall dubai now at the best price and The largest shopping center in the R7 Zone, which begins at 14,584,400 EGP and is considered one of the most reasonable prices in the area.

You can now own your unit at capital dubai mall with a payment system that is based on convenient instalments for all customers, and it is on the longest possible period, as a 10% down payment can be paid at the time of contracting.


Capital dubai mall provides a wide range of services that benefit all customers and investors, including the following:

  • It has an appealing urban view with green spaces and gardens surrounded by lush tall trees.
  • Dubai development new capital's "food court" area is where you can eat with the best service.
  • Every day, dancing water fountains in the mall courtyard.
  • For a large number of customers' cars, there are garages and a large private parking lot.
  • Large multi-purpose stores with a diverse selection of international brands.
  • The cafés on capital mall dubai's upper roof is distinctively designed and serves only the finest drinks.
  • Capital Dubai Mall's main entrance is designed in European style, with distinctive electronic gates.
  • (ATMs) are located within mall plazas to facilitate customer withdrawals.
  • World-class glass facades that are heat and dust resistant.
  • Dubai development new capital is equipped with a number of backup generators that kick in automatically when the power goes out.
  • On each floor, there are separate men's and women's restrooms.

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Capital dubai mall new capital Project is one of the entertainment and commercial complexes, and it is one of the largest malls in the R7 area of New Capital.

Dubai development new capital offers the best prices in the New Capital, as well as a variety of payment systems that provide a convenient instalment system based on the desires and capabilities of customers.


The units within dubai development new capital were designed in the most recent style to provide customers with a high level of luxury, combining luxury and sophistication to appeal to all customers' tastes.

The developer, "Dubai Development," chose the appropriate location for capital mall dubai's construction. Capital dubai mall covers 3.6 acres, or 13,990 square meters of land, and has many stores spread across three floors.

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Dubai development projects

The following are some of the benefits of dubai development new capital

  • Capital mall dubai is specifically located in the R7 area, which is directly on the central axis parallel to Mohammed bin Zayed's southern axis.
  • It is close to Al Sefarat District, the largest neighborhood in New Capital.
  • Within minutes, you can reach New capital's most famous religious landmarks, the Cathedral Church and Al-Fattah Al-Aleem Mosque.
  • Capital dubai mall is close to Expo City and the government complex, and it is about a 30 m drive from Cairo.
  • Dubai development new capital is near several well-known universities, including the "Canadian and British University."
  • Green River and the Al Massa Hotel are only 3 minutes away.
  • It takes about 4 minutes to get to Chinatown.

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Dubai development new capital PRIME location

  • 4.5 KM away from Regional Road 
  • 5.5 KM away from the Business and Finance District 
  • 6.5 KM away from Presidential Road
  •  140 KM2 Minor & Major Streets
  •  700 M2 away Kindergatens
  • 42 KM Residential Districts
  • Spread over 3700M2 open view 
  • Capital dubai mall is 700 M2 Gross Land Area

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Where is capital dubai mall located?

capital dubai mall new capital, the new administrative capital is located in Plot No. 1 in the seventh residential district R7, which is considered the first mall in this area

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