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Mountain View Real Estate Developments

Mountain View Real Estate Development Company is the owner of the new Cairo Mountain View series of projects, and Mountain View is considered one of the leading companies in the field of real estate development in Egypt.

Dar Al-Mimar Mountain View is one of the main companies, consisting of 1000 officers, many engineers specialists and company employees, forming a large network of the most talented in the field of real estate development, this is Dar Al-Mimar Mountain View Group of Companies is the leading and One of the great companies.

It is also one of those whose projects are characterized by sophistication, luxury and large picturesque areas.

Mountain View is one of the real estate development companies that follow international quality standards in all its projects and competes fiercely with the largest local and international real estate companies.

It also works with the largest engineering firms and largest architectural designers, and the firm has the largest pool of consultants to provide the best innovative ideas and advice, helping to advance the firm's ability to deliver the best.

Therefore, the projects of Mountain View Properties are considered the most outstanding in terms of international elegant design of residential units, landscaping and application of the latest international technologies.

Therefore, the Mountain View project is incomparable in terms of international quality and its value is inestimable, because you will live a different life full of luxury, comfort, privacy and tranquility.

Mountain View Projects

Mountain View Real Estate Company is one of the companies that specializes in the development of residential projects and luxury tourist resorts. The company has implemented a number of projects throughout Egypt and in the most important strategic locations in the East and West Cairo and Ain Sokhna areas. On the Red Sea coast, the Ras El Hikma project on the coast north.

We present the most important projects of Mountain View Egypt Real Estate Development Company because Mountain View has more than 15 projects:

mountain view projects

Mountain view Lagoon beach park

The Mountain View project opened a new phase in the Lagoon Beach Park October compound. This is the largest opening of the Mountain View company in October. Hurry up and book it. The price starts from 1.8 million pounds, and you only need to pay 180,000 pounds. The installment is as long as 9 Year, don't miss the opportunity.

The company has established Lagoon Beach Park October on a large area of ​​127,000 square meters, and the apartments and villas for sale on October 6 are different, with villas of various sizes starting from 115 square meters.

Mountain View Company offers competitive, unique prices for residential units, making it easier for the customer to have the unit he wants, for the benefit of the company, and for the comfort of the customer. The Mountain View Lagoon Park October project features prices starting from £1 million and £760,000. huge business It has various shops with all supplies.

Mountain view 1

The project is located in the Fifth Settlement, covering an area of ​​37 mu. It consists of fifth settlement villas, fifth settlement apartments for sale, townhouses, i-villas, and twin houses. payment system. You can make a 10% down payment and pay the rest over 8 years.

Mountain view 2

The project is located in the core area of ​​the Fifth Settlement in Cairo. It consists of villas and townhouses for sale in the Fifth Settlement. The area starts from 140 meters. The down payment is 10%, and the remaining 9 years.

Mountain view 3

The project is located in the center of New Cairo. The project covers an area of ​​25 acres and consists of villas and townhouses for sale in New Cairo. You can also pay a down payment of 10% of the unit price and pay the rest for more than 8 years.

Mountain View iCity October

The Mountain View i-City project is located on 500 acres and consists of condos, townhomes and duplexes for sale on October 6. Unit prices start from £1,750,000. You can make a down payment of 10% and pay the rest in installments over 9 years.

Mountain View I City New Cairo

The mountain view i-City Community is located in the Fifth Settlement, covering an area of ​​500 mu. It is composed of apartments for sale in the Fifth Settlement and villas for sale in the Fifth Settlement. The unit price starts from 1.9 million pounds. You can pay 10% of the unit price as a down payment and the rest 9 years to pay.

Mountain View October Park

The project is located in the core area of ​​October Six City. It is composed of apartments for sale in October Six City, I-Villas, and Townhouses. The unit area starts from 115 meters. You can easily pay for the unit because you pay 10% of the amount first, and the rest is divided into 9 years pay.

Mountain View Leisure Park

The Shanjing i-City project is located near Qihan Square and July 26th Corridor, covering an area of ​​229 acres. House types include i-Villas, twin houses, and villas. House sizes range from 279 to 289 square meters. When buying a unit, you have the opportunity Pay for up to 7 years.

mountain view giza plateau

Mountain View Giza Plateau is located in Hadabat October, covering an area of ​​about 58 mu. The units are villas and i-villas. The units start from 150 meters to 500 meters. The payment can be made within 5 years, after you pay 15% of the contract amount.

Mountain View Ras El Hikma Mountain View North Coast

The project is located on the north coast of the Ras Al Hikma area, covering an area of ​​about 470 acres. The unit types include apartments for sale on the North Coast, villas for sale on the North Coast, log cabins, and twin rooms. You can pay 10% down payment in advance, and pay the balance in installments.

Mountain view Ain Sokhna

The Mountain View project is located in Ain Sokhna, covering an area of ​​87 acres. The units are the cabins and villas sold by Ain Sokhna and Twin House. The down payment is 30%, and the rest is paid within 3 years, or the down payment is 15%, and the balance is paid within 5 years.

All projects of Dar Al-Mimar Mountain View are characterized by luxury, sophistication and the presence of all services. Additionally, Mountain View is passionate about the comfort of its clients first and foremost, and is committed to providing wellness living filled with luxury and wellness. Give them comfort.

  • Count Of Projects : 14
  • Count Of Properties : 215
  • Location
    • Golden Square
    • 6 October
    • Ras al-Hikma

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