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Il Monte Galala Ain Sokhna Tatweer Misr

36,400,000 L.E / Unit


Project Details

  • Developer Tatweer Misr Development Projects
  • Sales contact number 01146812776
  • The project Location In Ain Sokhna, 11 km from Porto Sokhna.
  • The project area 530 acres
  • Unit types Chalets - standalone villas - twin houses - townhouses
  • Unit area Starting from 55m
  • Unit Price 2,865,000
  • Payment Plan 5% down payment in installments over 10 years

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About IL Monte Galala El Sokhna

Il Monte Galala Sokhna Village is one of the most beautiful tourist villages in Egypt. The village is located in the heart of Ain Sokhna and has many features such as beautiful nature and ancient design, and all units inside the village directly overlook the sea.

The village of IL Monte Galala Ain Sokhna is unique in that it is the first of its kind to be the first coastal mountain resort covered with bright green trees. 220 square meters above sea level.

The village of IL Monte Galala Ain Sokhna is only half an hour away from the New Capital, and you can reach it by taking the first ride from the Galala Road after the Emirates Gas Station, approximately 3 km on the way back to Cairo. Sokhna is about 7 km away, and the famous Porto Sokhna resort is about 11 km away.

IL Monte Galala Ain Sokhna Area Space and Design

Il Monte Galala Sokhna is built on an area of 530 acres. The village of Il Monte Galala Ain Sokhna was designed on a system of mountain terraces on 5 levels to ensure a panoramic view of all units. The project also overlooks a turquoise coast and the project is located on a 1.3 km beach, and the village contains chalets for sale In Ain Sokhna in installments, twin houses, townhouses and villas for sale in Ain Sokhna in installments.

il monte galala ain shokhna spaces

IL Monte Galala Prices and Area

Within the village of IL Monte Galala, Ain Sokhna, there is a very large number of diverse spaces divided between chalets, stand-alone villas, twin houses, duplexes, lofts, and different delivery dates to suit all customers, and the prices are as follows:

1- Delivery after 2 years from contract date.

  • Chalets with an area starting from 60 meters with prices starting from 2,146 thousand Egyptian pounds.
  • Villa in IL Monte Galala with an area of ​​450 meters and a price of 18 million and 800 thousand Egyptian pounds.
  • Duplex with an area of ​​155 meters at a price starting from 5 million and 626 thousand Egyptian pounds.

2- Delivery after 3.5 years from contract date.

  • A chalet with an area of ​​120 meters at a price starting from 4 million and 203 thousand Egyptian pounds.
  • A twin house with an area of ​​175 meters at a price starting from 8 million and 368 thousand EGP.
  • Villa in Ain Sokhna with an area of ​​200 meters and a price starting from 9 million and 819 thousand Egyptian pounds.

3- Delivery after 4 years from contract date.

  • A hotel unit with an area of ​​131 square meters at a price of 6,002,000 EGP.
  • Studio 50 square meters at a price of 2,243,000 EGP.
  • Townhouse for sale in IL Monte Galala with an area of ​​195, at a price of 6,586,000 EGP.

4- Delivery after 4.5 years from contract date.

  • Chalet space starts from 100 meters at a price of 3,374,000 EGP.
  • Villa with an area of ​​215 meters at a price of 16,363,000 million pounds.

5- Delivery after 2 years from contract date.

  • Townhouse 180 meters starts from 8,269,000 EGP.
  • Chalet 125 meters at a price of 4,538,000 EGP.
  • Loft 70 meters at a price of 3,305,000 million Egyptian pounds.
  • Loft 95 meters at a price of 4,476,000 Egyptian pounds.
  • Loft 115 meters at a price of 4,878,000 EGP.
  • Villa with an area of ​​446 meters at a price of 22,262,000 EGP.

Payment Plans at IL Monte Galala Ain Sokhna

The customer enjoys special facilities at the time of payment, as he can make a down payment of only 5% of the total price of the unit and then pay the remainder in long-term installments up to 10 years, provided that he receives his unit within 4 years from the date of booking. date from the date.

Il Monte Galala Ain Sokhna Location

Tatweer Misr, when implementing the village of Il Monte Galala Ain Sokhna, chose a very distinguished location. It was built in Ain Sokhna area at the foot of a mountain rising above sea level between the Galala mountain ranges and the Gulf of Suez and near the city of El Galala. It is also close to many important places, which are as follows:

  • The village of IL Monte Galala Ain Sokhna is located 11 km from Porto Sokhna.
  • Il Monte Galala Resort is 150 km from Cairo.
  • It is located 7 km from Porto Ain Sokhna and the Movenpick Hotel on Sokhna-Zafarana Road.
  • It is located close to Mostakbal City, Madinaty and the New Administrative Capital, one of the huge real estate projects, which were implemented on a large area of ​​168 acres, which is separated from Ain Sokhna by only 60 square kilometers.

IL Monte Galala Services And Facilities

With its high-end service and wonderful entertainment facilities, there are no limits to start and enjoy inside Monte Galala, such as:

  • All areas are protected by security and security personnel and surveillance cameras.
  • The Crystal Lagoon is considered the largest of its kind as it is built on 45 acres of shore and is 11 kilometers long.
  • All-in-one recreation center operated by a subsidiary of Ali Samra (Rock&Robs) for mountain activities such as mountaineering and camping.
  • In collaboration with world famous painters (Fabrizio please), an art lover's area for artists and lovers from all over the world
  • An integrated marina designed to practice all the wonderful beach activities and enjoy snorkeling at a depth of 600 meters.
  • An area for adventure lovers represented by mountaineering under the supervision of a group of the most qualified trainers and experts.
  • The enchanting atmosphere of IL Monte Galala AL Ain ELSokhna, thanks to its stunning natural scenery and surrounding mountain peaks, makes guests feel like they are in the Italian city of Portofino.
  • There is a tourist trail that is several meters long within the Galala Mountains, and a commercial area with shops, restaurants and cafes, where tourists can get everything they want while visiting.
  • A comprehensive medical center equipped with all necessary equipment and supplies to provide guests with the best comprehensive medical care.
  • A large-area garage that can accommodate many cars is characterized by high security, since surveillance cameras have been distributed on all sides.
  • An area that has all the equipment you need for a BBQ and can even organize various family gatherings such as birthdays.
  • A school of a special nature dedicated to the teaching of arts such as painting and other arts.
  • Electric elevators within the building facilitate moving from one floor to another, and carts and bicycles are dedicated to roaming around the resort grounds.
  • Green spaces adorn all areas, and although it is a mountainous coastal resort, greenery and beautiful flowers are an integral part of its design, and there are even seating areas among these stunning views.
  • Four major hotels are built on the grounds of IL Monte Galala AL Ain ELSokhna, offering unparalleled hospitality services with luxurious and well-appointed rooms.
  • Take a cable car ride from the top of Mount Galala to see the towering mountains and surrounding area.
  • A gym where guests can do all their workouts as it is equipped with all the equipment and equipment that enables them to do so.
  • A sports center for lovers of various sports and games.
  • The 2 clubhouses provide the most beautiful ambience needed to relax and get away from the hustle and bustle, as there are green areas, a yoga area in addition to the swimming pool, jacuzzi and sauna.
  • A bridge connects the village to the Sokhna-Zafarana road for easy access and movement to many other areas.
  • Guests can enjoy or relax in front of the pool anytime, especially near all the units.
  • A special kind of garden filled with wildflowers and trees where guests can perform different activities.

Il Monte Galala ain sokhna amenities and services

Developer of IL Monte Galala AL Sokhna

Tatweer Misr is a real estate company established in 2015 and it is a leading company in the field of urban development. The company was established through the cooperation of a large group of developers and businessmen, the most famous of which are Ashraf Arafa, owner of Arafa Group, and Mr. Ahmed Shalaby, advisor to the Minister of Housing and member of the General Assembly of Future City.

Previous work of Tatweer Misr

  • Tatweer Misr Real Estate owns many projects in distinct and different areas, including: the North Coast, Ain Sokhna and other important cities.
  • De Bay North Coast.
  • Vaca Bay North Coast Village.
  • Bloomfields Compound New Cairo.
  • The village of Monte Galala, Ain Sokhna.
  • Marina Residence Il Monte Galala Sokhna.

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Where is the project located?

Approximately 530 acres.

What are the methods of booking and installments Il Monte Galala Ain Sokhna؟

It starts with no down payment, and the rest of the unit is paid in installments over 10 years

What are the types of units in the village of IL Monte Galala Sokhna?

Duplexes - chalets for sale in Il Monte Galala, Ain Sokhna - villas - twin houses.

Who is the developer of the Monte Galala Resort?

Tatweer Misr Real Estate Development Company.

How to communicate with project sales


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