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Haptown Compound Mostakbal City

El Mostakbal City

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Haptown Mostakbal City

Hassan Allam Properties Group has launched its latest project in the city of Mostakbal in the heart of New Cairo! Haptown compound which located in a unique strategic location in the eastern extension of New Cairo, with a convenient location and a unique view of Mohammed Ben The Zayed Axis connecting New Cairo to the new capital.

Hap Town Hassan Allam consists of a variety of unique and diverse residential units such as detached villa townhouses, double rooms and apartments with varying space and price. Haptown Mostakbal City includes a number of services for high-end commercial and service communities as well as dedicated spaces such as As a sports venue and social building, it is therefore one of the best projects to offer, with appropriate payment options for everyone, according to their financial situation.

Haptown Compound is one of the residential complexes in Mostakbal City New Cairo, covering 243 acres near the new administrative capital and the Fifth Settlement, the largest share of the complex has been allocated to amenities, services and green space, of which 7.5 kg Allocated to walking and running places for all clients to enjoy the views and entertainment within Hap town compound

  • The location of Hassan Allam's latest real estate projects is easily accessible because it is located in the eastern extension of New Cairo.
  • The location is close to the Mohammed bin Zayed axis, which connects New Cairo and New Capital.
  • HapTown compound is very close to the famous Mountain View New Cairo compound.
  • The new location of the American University is close to the Hap Town Hassan Allam compound.
  • Haptown Mostakbal City is located near luxury residential projects such as mivida new cairo and Hyde Park.

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Hassan Allam Real Estate was keen to provide a variety of housing units at competitive prices that suit the capabilities of all customers, so the prices of the Haptown Mostakbal City compound were among the most important factors attracting various investors. If you are looking for apartments or villas in the city of the future, you will find the best prices that are unmatched At Hap Town compound, the pricing details are as follows:

  • Apartments for sale have been provided in the future, specifically Hap Town, containing one bedroom, located on the second floor, with an area of ​​102 square meters, at a price starting from 2.3 million pounds.
  • An apartment was provided in Hassan Allam Compound, containing 2 bedrooms, located on the first floor, with an area of ​​137 square meters, with a starting price of 3 million pounds.
  • There are 3 bedroom apartments located on the fourth floor, with an area of ​​170 square meters, and their price starts from 3.7 million pounds.
  • There is a penthouse for sale in Mostakbal City, an area starts from 257 square meters and its price starts from 17.8 million pounds.

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Space is one of the most important factors that all companies are constantly keen on, as Haptown Mostakbal City provides the opportunity for the customer to choose what suits him. Therefore, Hassan Allam Real Estate Company was keen to provide Hap town on a huge area of ​​243 acres, which helped the company to provide various residential units of various sizes. The details of the units’ spaces are as follows:

  • Apartments for sale are available in Mostakbal City in the Hap Town Hassan Allam compound, with spaces starting from 102 square meters.
  • Apartments have been provided with large areas in the compound of the Hap Town Mostakbal City, where the duplex space starts from 140 square meters.
  • There are units in the HapTown Hassan Allam compound with an area starting from 183 square meters.
  • Apartments with space of 168 square meters are provided.
  • There are apartments for sale in Mostakbal City, with an area of ​​195 square meters.
  • Apartments for sale in Mostakbal City are provided with areas starting from 384 square meters.

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Haptown Mostakbal City

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Hassan Allam Real Estate Company has provided an easy payment system so that the customer can buy a distinctive residential unit in the compound of Hap Town Mostakbal City with a convenient installment system, with the lowest down payment and the longest possible payment period. The details of the payment system are as follows:

  • The customer pays 5% of the unit price in the villas and pays the remaining amount in equal installments for a period of up to 8 years.
  • As for the apartments, 5% is paid, and the rest is paid over 9 years.

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Hap town Mostakbal City

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Many features we see in the compound of Hap Town Mostakbal City, affiliated with Hassan Allam Holding:

  • There is a large mosque for men and women.
  • Sophisticated garages for cars to avoid crowding.
  • HapTown compound allows pets.
  • Centers that provide residents with all maintenance services.
  • Swimming pools for independent villas.
  • A large gym with the latest sports equipment.
  • Great place for cycling and walking in safety.
  • A number of artificial lakes that add to the place a special charm.
  • Swimming pools of various sizes are available to suit adults and children.
  • Defense, protection and firefighting devices are available with the latest international technologies.
  • Large sports fields with modern equipment to practice a large number of sports.
  • In Hassan Allam Compound, there are pharmacies that operate throughout the day.
  • There is a huge commercial complex and mall that includes stores offering the most famous international brands.
  • A huge social club with a large number of sports and recreational activities.
  • Recreational areas built on large areas for children with the highest levels of comfort and safety.
  • There are a large number of shops and supermarkets that offer goods on a retail basis.
  • Security and guarding services, whether inside or outside Hap Town compound, operate 24 hours a day.
  • Green spaces occupy a large part of the site for residents to enjoy clean air and a healthy environment without pollution.
  • For more security, modern surveillance cameras have been installed throughout HapTown compound, working everywhere throughout the day.

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Hassan Allam company, the executing company of Hap Town Mostakbal City, is one of the most famous companies in the field of real estate investment, as this company was able to implement a wide range of different projects.

Hassan Allam Contracting Company was established in 1938 AD and the company began to determine its position in the Egyptian contracting market until the company became one of the most important companies in the field of construction in the country along with the Arab Contractors Company “Othman Ahmed Othman” and then “Hassan Allam Real Estate Company” was established 2000 AD.

One of the most famous of these projects is a housing project in Alexandria on an area of ​​about 18,000 square meters, in cooperation with two real estate development companies, at a cost of more than one billion pounds, and two other real estate investment projects are supposed to be implemented before the end of this year.

Among the company's previous projects:

  1. Swan Lake October.
  2. The Valleys Mostakbal City
  3. Swan Lake Katameya.
  4. Jaz Little Venice Sokhna Village
  5. The Phoenix Compound
  6. Swan Lake residence.
  7. Giselle Swan Lake
  8. Swan Lake North Coast.
  9. Hap Town Hassan allam


Where is the Hap Town New Cairo project located?

Hap Town is located in the land of the future in the eastern extension of New Cairo

What is the area of ​​the future Hap Town compound?

The project was built on an area of ​​250 acres

What are the types of units inside Hassan Allam El Mostakbal Compound?

Apartments for sale in Hap Town Mostakbal City and villas with spaces starting from 102 square meters and a competitive price

Who is the real estate developer of the Hap Town Mostakbal City project?

Hassan Allam Development Company

Sales figures for the latest Hassan Allam real estate projects?

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