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Hometown Developments

Home Town has started a real estate development as an active firm in the real estate investment industry to coincide with the anniversary of the Egyptian state's celebrations of the Sixth of October 2017 holidays.

Dia El-Din Farag Khalil, an engineer who built more than 15 megaprojects in the Fifth Settlement and New Cairo, founded his company. Hometown egypt company owns the area located in the industrial zone and contributes to Egypt's labor market with more than 5,000 employees and workers. Significant investments in imports and export, specifically in the textile sector.

Dia El-Din Farag Khalil

Many new and worldwide firms in the area of real estate investment in the real estate industry and investment attitude are also on the rise.

Due to Home Town's unique and evolving model, which produces an idea in the Egyptian real estate industry and a new concept of identifying characteristics and servicing the demands of Egypt's clients and market, the firm has expanded.

Hometown Egypt Vision

As a strong supporter of Egypt's state-building project based on solid scientific foundations, Home town aims to assist the Egyptian government in realizing its economic vision and integrating with the government and public sectors in order to build Egypt's civilizational vision and revitalize the most important sector.

Mission of Hometown Developments Egypt

home town Success in establishing an equation that benefits the firm, its clients, and Egypt's government all at once within three years, thanks to the expertise, qualified personnel, and cutting-edge scientific processes that have been in place for a long time.

-Hometown Egypt goals

In order to achieve their goals, local officials and the corporation home town work to concentrate on a few key issues that they want to address and assist.

Public, governmental, and investment sectors must work together for the greater good, which is to contribute to the bigger and more comprehensive aim Hometown's mission is to assist the nation and its economy to grow, as well as to aid the young.

     In the real estate industry, create a strong demand for your product. Fifth Settlement real estate for sale

     Increasing the number of people employed in fields connected to real estate.

     creating an environment where consumers' interests are protected and monopolies are prevented.

     Increasing the number of foreign buyers of Egyptian real estate.

     For banks, businesspeople, investors, insurance companies, purchasers, and construction and building agencies the corporation tries to realize the value of the large cooperative system.

     In general, the new cities need to rebuild and develop key districts, but the motherland and administrative center, in particular, need this.

     Small company owners and investors should be encouraged to participate in real estate, stressing the relevance of the sector for them and encouraging them to do so via accessible banking activities.

     Assisting the Egyptian government, the military, and the country's largest  corporations in growing Egypt's investment and real estate markets.

What You Need to Know About Hometown Developments

It has worked in real estate investment and achieved many successes in this field, the company has built many projects through which they have been keen to provide all of the services and facilities that meet the needs of customers as well as to provide recreational activities that make the customers feel like they're living in a luxury residence..

At Hometown Egypt Real Estate Development we have employed senior engineers with extensive expertise in architecture to develop real estate projects that will be spoken about later in the real estate market. Our founder, Diaa Faraj Khalil, is a top architect and architect-designer.

HomeTown Company's most significant projects

     Beit Al Watan Project in New Cairo.

     Al Narges Residence 5th Settlement.

     Al Andalus District New Cairo.

     Corner Residence 5th Settlement.

     Group of villas in El Koronfel Neighbourhood in 5th Settlement.

     Beit Al Watan Neighbourhood in 5th Settlement.

     Beit Al Watan Mini Compound in 5th Settlement.

     E71 project in New Cairo.

     B11 project in New Cairo.

     A112 project in 5th Settlement.

     B58 project in 5th Settlement.

     58 project in 5th Settlement.

In addition to offering a wide range of family-friendly unit sizes, the firm made a point of offering competitive pricing, flexible payment options, and the assurance that customers would get their orders on time over the course of many years.

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  • Count Of Properties : 9
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