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New Giza Real Estate Developments Company is one of the leading developers in the field of real estate investment with a long history and rich experience. This is a distinctive brand that distinguishes it from other developers Real estate broker.

New Giza Developments Company

With more than ten years of history, New Giza is considered one of the most important accredited real estate companies in the field of investment and real estate development in Egypt and the Arab world.

The company presents many wonderful and outstanding projects and real estate developers of the largest projects implemented in Egypt, including the new Giza project that the company has chosen under its name.

The company has extensive experience in property development and is the best choice for anyone looking for residential units of all sizes in the best locations, with the best exclusive service that New Giza has offered in the past.

New Giza Developments Projects

The projects of New Giza Real Estate Company come with many services and advantages that make this company on the wish list of some individuals who are looking for a residential unit owned by a trustworthy company. Below we show you the projects implemented by the company in Egypt and abroad:

  • City View Project.
  • Hacienda Bay North Coast.
  • Except the Al Ain resort in the United Arab Emirates.
  • Playa Seychelles Project, Ghazala Bay, North Coast.
  • Seashell North Coast.
  • Ain Bay.
  • Wadi Al Ain
  • In addition to its latest project, there is also the New Giza October project.

Ivy New Giza

New Giza Company presents a new project, Ivy New Giza Compound, with a unique and simple payment system suitable for all customers. Payment systems have different payment terms and the down payment is different for each system, the most prominent of these systems is 10% down payment + remaining unit price in 7 year installments.

ivy new giza

Owners of New Giza Real Estate Development Company

New Giza Developments are owned by the most famous business men in Egypt who are:

Mahmoud Gamal

    • He's an Egyptian businessman, he's the CEO
      of New Giza Developments
    • He is also Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Middle East Investment and Development Corporation.
    • He also serves as Chairman of the Board of Al-Jalala Tourism Investment Company.
      He is a board member of CI Capital Holding Company and Arabian Cement Company.
    • The businessman also graduated from Cairo University in 1976 with a bachelor's degree in engineering.

Salah Diab

    • Salah Diab is an Egyptian businessman and chairman of Beko Group. He founded the Al-Masry Al-Youm newspaper and donated $6.5 million to the Long Live Egypt Fund. His full name is Salah El-Din Ahmed Tawfiq Diab, and his nickname is Salah Diab. In Bahira province, he has a brother named Kamel Diab, with whom he co-owns many of the family businesses and manages some of their companies and their son. Alaa Kamel Diab and Tawfiq Salah Diab.
  • Count Of Projects : 1
  • Count Of Properties : 2
  • Location
    • Ras al-Hikma
    • 6 October

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