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Minka is a private real estate investment and development company owned and managed by the Sallam family. Minka has a diversified pool of properties and is invested in a collection of complementing ventures, and most interestingly innovating with real estate offerings through boutique developments. With more than EGP 300 million of assets under management, EGP 250 million in investments and EGP 6.4 billion of projects under development, we are innovating with new sustainable and forward thinking developments and investing in income producing properties. Minka in Arabic means ‘from you’ and is widely used in context to give credit to the Creator that everything is ultimately from HIM. In another dimension, Minka in Japanese tradition literally means “house of the people” and is used to describe historic sustainable houses that were built to serve the needs of a span of social classes in Japanese society.

  • Count Of Projects : 1
  • Count Of Properties : 3
  • Location
    • Fifth Settlement

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