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For sale an administrative office in Zaha Park Mall the administrative capital

Property Details

Property Type Offices
Property Area 46.00 M 2

Property Description

For sale an administrative office in Zaha Park Mall the administrative capital
Full finishing and air conditioning

Location of Zaha Park Mall, Administrative Capital:
Zaha Park Mall, the Administrative Capital, is located next to the mosque on the central axis, the financial and business district, and the government district in the MU23 area, plot E15, next to Al-Fattah Al-Aleem Mosque on the central axis.
The project's location is also distinguished by the fact that it contains many services that benefit more than 250,000 people. The mall is classified as a large place that serves many categories of residents of the properties in R2 and R3, which includes approximately 50,000 residential units.
The MU23 area also includes hospitals, schools, and universities, which makes it crowded and gives the mall a great status that greatly benefits and increases profits for everyone who owns commercial units and others, so you should seize the opportunity to own one of the units in the project.

Features of Zaha Mall Administrative Capital:-
- The presence of central air conditioning.
- There are ten bathrooms in each floor, five for men and five for women.
- There are cleaners on every floor.
- Lim units within three years.
- Zaha Park Mall is strategically located, with areas starting from 33 square meters (commercial - administrative - medical).
- Zaha Park Mall serves a very large segment of the population, reaching more than 50 thousand people.
- It guarantees the popularity of your activity due to its presence in a lively commercial and administrative area full of residents.
- It has a roof that contains restrooms for employees, fountains, gardens, a dancing fountain, and a landscape
- It has underground garages to serve the mall.
- Zaha Mall Park contains gardens and water fountains with innovative designs on an area of ​​approximately 1,200 meters.
- Zaha Mall Park is located in the MU 23 area, which includes all government buildings and huge residential towers.
- Suitable prices for anyone who wants to own his own medical and commercial administrative unit in the mall.
- The presence of different facilities and payment systems.

Method of Payment :
With a 10% down payment and installments of up to 7 years
Special discount on cash

The company that owns the Zaha Park Mall project in the administrative capital:
Hometown Developments is the company that owns Zaha Park Mall, the New Administrative Capital, and it is considered one of the largest companies that has provided many huge projects and buildings.
It has presented major real estate projects in many high-end areas and neighborhoods in Egypt, where it selects the best areas with great care and conducts a careful feasibility study for all of its projects, the previous work of Home Town, and has done the best residential projects, including: -
- Apartments in New Cairo.
- Apartments in Fifth Settlement.
- Real estate in Beit Al Watan.

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