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Smeralda Bay North Coast

Sidi Heneish

Project Details

  • Project name Smeralda Bay North Coast
  • Project location Sidi Heneish
  • Developer  Cleopatra Developments
  • The project Location Kilo 247 Alexandria Matrouh Road
  • project area 250 acres
  • Unite Area Starting from 82m
  • Unit Price start price from 3,147,160
  • Payment Plan 10% down payment in installments over 7 years
  • sales number 01146812776
  • Sales number 01146812776

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Smeralda Bay North Coast

Welcome to Smeralda Bay, the gem of the North Coast in Italy! This breathtaking destination is a dream come true for those seeking a tranquil getaway with stunning landscapes and crystal-clear waters.

 Nestled in the heart of the Mediterranean, Smeralda Bay enchants visitors with its pristine golden beaches, charming coastal towns, and mouth-watering cuisine. Whether you're looking to soak up the sun or explore its rich cultural heritage, this idyllic destination will leave you spellbound.

 With so much to discover, let's dive into what makes Smeralda Bay one of Italy's most sought-after holiday destinations.

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Introduction to Smeralda Bay North Coast

Smeralda Bay North Coast is an extravagant and world-class resort located in the beautiful Sidi Heneish area of Egypt's North Coast. Spanning over 50 acres, the resort offers a variety of units, including chalets, penthouses, and twin houses, designed to meet all international quality standards.

The vision for Smeralda Bay is to construct the luxurious “Crown Jewel” that is the premier resort in the Egyptian North Coast. Developed by Cleopatra Group Real Estate, the resort boasts top-notch features and amenities, making it a perfect destination for Summer 2021.

 With the strategic location of KM 247 on the Alexandria – Marsa Matrouh road, Smeralda Bay is easily accessible, ensuring that visitors can enjoy a comfortable and convenient stay. Whether you're looking for investment opportunities or a relaxing vacation, Smeralda Bay is the place to be.

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Location and Accessibility of Smeralda Bay

Smeralda Bay North Coast ازميرالدا باي الساحل الشمالى is easily accessible, located at kilo 247 on Alexandria-Matrouh Road near Ras El Hikma city. This beautiful resort is only a few minutes away from Silver Sands and features an impressive European architectural design.

 Its location in the Sidi Heneish area of Egypt's North Coast makes it an ideal destination for tourists seeking a luxurious, beachfront retreat. The developers of Smeralda Bay are the Cleopatra Group Real Estate, known for their high-quality construction and attention to detail.

 The resort features two-room chalets, Lagoon Beach Front Town Villas, and exclusive, gated beachfront villas with panoramic sea views. The vision for Smeralda Bay is to become the premier resort in the North Coast, boasting luxurious amenities, excellent facilities, and beautiful surroundings.

Investing in Smeralda Bay guarantees high returns, making it an excellent choice for investors looking for a prime, beachfront property.

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Developers of Smeralda Bay

Smeralda Bay North Coast is a luxurious residential summer project developed by Cleopatra Developments, a leading real estate developer in Egypt, located at KM 247 on Alexandria - Marsa Matrouh road.

 The project includes archiving of residential units, twin villas, and standalone villas, as well as chalets and 7-star hotels. Cleopatra real estate has been known for providing beautiful premium units with flexible payment methods and extended payment plans, making it easier for customers to own their dream home.

 With an impressive 500-acre beachfront location, Smeralda Bay North Coast offers gorgeous residential summer units and fantastic investment opportunities.

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Features and Amenities of Smeralda Bay

Smeralda Bay North Coast is a luxurious development packed with first-class features and amenities. Residents can expect to enjoy premium units with views of the sea and lagoons, complete with world-class amenities and hotel services.

 With 500 meters-long beaches and 50 acres of land, Smeralda Bay offers a wide range of services designed to ensure a comfortable summer vacation.

 From beach access to swimming pools, fitness centers, and restaurants, nothing is left to chance when it comes to providing a memorable stay.

 Cleopatra Group Real Estate has carefully planned every aspect of this resort to guarantee family fun and relaxation. 

The location and accessibility of Smeralda Bay, combined with its features and amenities, make it an investment opportunity worth considering.

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Investment Opportunities in Smeralda Bay

Investing in Smeralda Bay North Coast is a smart move for those looking to invest in a luxurious yet affordable vacation destination. With Cleopatra real estate offering the option to own a chalet with ease payments up to 8 years, investing in Smeralda Bay becomes an even more attractive opportunity.

 This premium location offers a 500-meter-long beach on 50 acres of Italian-style designed land. Whether you’re looking to vacation or invest in a profitable rental property, Smeralda Bay North Coast is the place to be. Additionally, with the increasing popularity of North Coast, being the 3rd Top Beach Destination in 2020, investing in Smeralda Bay is sure to yield great returns.

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What is the real estate developer of S bay north coast?

Cleopatra Development

On what area is Smeralda Bay North Coast located?

  • 250 acres

what is the sales numbers?


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