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De Joya 3 New Capital


Project Details

  • Project name De Joya 3 New Capital
  • Project location R7
  • Developer Taj Misr Development Projects
  • sales number 01146812776
  • The project Location In the heart of new capital in R7.
  • Real Estate Developer Tag Misr
  • Unit types New Apartments
  • Payment Plan 15% down payment up to 7 years
  • Sales number 01146812776

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About De Joya 3 New Capital

De Joya 3 New Capital The most recent Taj Misr projects are a one-of-a-kind company with numerous advantages that has been able to fulfil the dreams of millions by providing adequate housing. Dejoya 3 New Capital is one of the most important projects that contribute to customer satisfaction.

De Joya New Capital includes residential units of various types such as apartments, duplexes, and luxury design villas at the highest level of competing high taste in accordance with all tastes.


De joya 3 Compound units

de joya 3 new capital

De Joya 3 New Capital is built on 33 acres divided between (Apartments and Penthouses). By building on 19% from the space of de joya 3 compound while the rest of the space left for services, open areas, and landscapes.

Dejoya 3 Units Spaces

Apartments (2 Bedrooms)
Starting from 110m to 122m
Apartments (3 Bedrooms)
Starting from 137m to 190m
Apartments (4 Bedrooms)
 Starting from 204m to 217m
 كمبوند دي جويا 3 Penta houses
 Starting from 179 to 366m

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Where dejoya 3 is located?

  • River Green is only about 5 minutes away from De Joya 3.
  • 3 minutes away from the embassy neighborhood.
  • The presidential palace is only 5 minutes away from dejoya new capital.
  • approximately 7 minutes from Ben Zayed Axes.
  • 15 minutes away from New Capital Airport.
  • The capital compounds, such as South Compound, the loft compound, and serrano compound, are located near the well-known 7th District.

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Investment in De Joya 3 new Capital

De joya 3 New Capital is one of the outstanding residential projects in the 7th District Central District R7 of the capital. It is a merchandising area with numerous important vital installations.

Taj Misr Developed De joya 3 and was determined to implement it following the success of its previous projects. Taj Misr wanted to meet the appeal of millions of customers by providing more benefits in De Joya 3 New Administrative Capital

Residential apartments, villas of various styles, and duplexes are all finished to the highest standard and include graded spaces to suit all tastes.

The residential units in the De Joya 3 compound are available in a variety of areas to accommodate each individual. In terms of pricing, the company has provided extremely competitive rates in comparison to the services and benefits provided. It has also made it possible for anyone to own units with standard specifications and simple payment systems.

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dejoya new capital

Dejoya New Capital facilities.

De joya 3 new capital provides numerous services have the following advantages:

    • Large green spaces coordinated by the most skilled engineers to provide a distinct view of all units and express the charming nature of one of Egypt's most important services within the compound De Joya Taj Misr the new administrative capital.
    • Many swimming pools with appealing design forms have different spaces for different age groups, and the developer has taken the privacy factor into consideration by providing covered swimming pools for women.
    • De Joya 3 new capital, has a massive commercial mall that is one of the capital's largest malls, catering to the needs of the population.
    • Health clubs help people stay fit and promote physical activity and public health.
    • Large sports stadiums provide a variety of activities for both adults and children.
    • International restaurants and cafes provide the highest level of food service.
    • To monitor movement within the compound, electronic gates and surveillance cameras are used.
    • Security personnel are on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week to ensure the highest level of safety.

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    Payments plan at dejoya 3 new capital

    De joya Prices began at 4,140,000 million pounds in dejoya new capital.

    • Pay a 10% down payment and the remaining balance in 7 equal instalments over 7 years.
    • Payment of a 15% down payment, followed by payments of the remaining amount in equal instalments over an eight-year period.
    • Pay a 10% down payment, another 5% per year for four years, and the remaining amount in equal instalments over ten years.

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    Taj Misr Developer

    Dejoya 3 new Capital is owned by Tag Misr company which holding big projects in Egypt specially at the new capital between residential, commercial, and administrative units like (Dejoya 1, Dejoya 2, Ezdan mall new capital, de Joya New Zayed, compound intelligence home, etc…). which made the company goes viral in a short time of period.

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    Who is the developer of De Joya 3?

    Taj Misr Developments

    Where is De Joya New Capital located?

    in New Capital, R7

    What are the contact numbers for DeJoya 3 New Capital?

    Call now: 0201146812776

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