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Compound Yaru New Capital

New Capital

Project Details

  • Developer Qontrac real estate development company
  • sales number 01146812776
  • The project Location La nueva capital administrativa en el barrio R8 junto al complejo La Verde,
  • Unit types شقق- توين هاوس- تاون هاوس- فلل
  • payment plan 10% مقدم والباقي علي 10 سنوات

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Yaru New Capital

Introduction to Yaru Compound in the New Capital

Yaru Compound in the New Capital is a major project by Contrack Real Estate Development Company, offering luxurious living options in the heart of Egypt's administrative capital. The project spans across an area of 37 acres and offers a variety of unit types, including apartments and standalone villas.

 With attractive property options and competitive prices, Yaru Compound presents an excellent investment opportunity for interested buyers. And with the developer's impressive track record and commitment to sustainable development, Yaru Compound promises to be a unique and premium living experience.

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Yaru Compound Location

 The location of Yaru Compound is highly accessible, with its proximity to the Bin Zayed Axis and the Diplomatic Quarter. In terms of amenities and services, Yaru Compound offers a range of facilities, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a secure and luxurious lifestyle.

The Yaru Compound in the New Capital is a major project by Atom Real Estate Development Company. With over 37 acres of land and a construction rate of 19%, the compound offers a variety of property options ranging from apartments to stand-alone villas with units starting at 100 square meters.

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Investment Opportunities in Yaru Compound

Yaru Compound in the New Capital offers numerous investment opportunities to individuals and entities seeking to secure their financial future. With its prime location and state-of-the-art amenities and facilities, Yaru Compound guarantees a high return on investment for property owners and investors.

 The property options in Yaru Compound include apartments, duplexes, and penthouses. Moreover, investors can take advantage of the sustainable features of Yaru Compound, such as energy-efficient systems and green spaces, to attract environmentally-conscious tenants.

 The project was developed by Qontrac Real Estate Development Company, ensuring credibility and reliability for potential investors. Overall, Yaru Compound represents a unique opportunity for those looking to invest in the New Capital's growing real estate market.

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Sustainable Features of Yaru Compound

Yaru Compound in the New Capital boasts of its sustainable features that aim to promote a healthy and eco-friendly environment for its residents. With 80% of its area devoted to lush greenery, landscapes, and water features, Yaru Compound offers captivating views and a pollution-free atmosphere.

 The compound's location near the Green River, which is one of the longest parks in the world, adds to the serene ambiance of the project. In addition, Atum Real Estate Development Company, the developer of Yaru Compound, prioritizes sustainable practices in their construction and design. They use eco-friendly materials and implement energy-saving mechanisms in their buildings, reducing energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.

 Through these sustainable features, Yaru Compound not only provides luxurious living but also promotes a sustainable lifestyle for its residents.

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Qontrac Developments of Yaru Compound

Qontrac Real Estate Development Company, the developer of Yaru Compound in the New Capital, has ambitious expansion plans for the project. The company aims to construct more residential, commercial, and administrative buildings within the compound, offering more options for residents and investors

 Additionally, Qontrac plans to enhance the compound's amenities and facilities, providing a more luxurious and comfortable lifestyle for its residents. The company emphasizes its commitment to sustainable development, incorporating eco-friendly features and designs in its upcoming buildings.

For those looking for long-term investment opportunities, Yaru Compound also presents promising prospects, as it is located in the rapidly growing New Capital, set to become a major business and tourism hub in Egypt.

 Overall, Yaru Compound is positioning itself as an exclusive and desirable destination for those seeking quality living and investment opportunities in Egypt's new capital city.

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What is the developer of the Yaro Compound project?

Qontract Developments

On what area is yaru compound located?

37 acres

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