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Badya Palm Hills 6 October

6 October

Project Details

  • Project name Badya Palm Hills 6 October
  • Project location 6 October
  • Developer Palm Hills Development Projects
  • Sales Number 01146812776
  • Project Location 6th of October, Al-Wahat Road
  • Unit types Apartments- standalone villas - twin houses - townhouses
  • Payment Plan 0% down payment in installments over 10 years
  • Sales number 01146812776

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Badya Palm Hills 6th October

palm hills badya october is seeking to provide comfortable, quiet compound to all clients, which is provide many health, sports, services with fair prices.

Badya october compound is special and unique because it is one of the most beautiful real estate compounds that mixes modern style and nice services for the clients that contain different spaces that offers privacy and comfort to clients.


Badya palm hills location

palm hills badya is wonderful compound which is

  • Badya located between east and west cairo, that the palm hills company chose this location because it serve a lot of customers
  • close to El wahat ,Dahshour road and Fayyoum desert
  • the distance between Badya october compound and Giza pyramid is 15 minutes
  • in the center of the october city
  • MES University is far away from badya 10 kilometers
  • the distance between New capital city and palm hills badya october is 30 kilometers
  •  there are a lot of transportation and metro line around badya compound.

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palm hills badya

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Badya palm hills master plan

Bayda palm hills 6 october contains a lot of walking areas that it can be accessed from any residential society, there are a lot of retail stores that has a high quality and a lot of comforts to meet a different group of desires.

Palm hills badya contains 153,000 people and the compound was built in 3000 feddans and it has:

1.   Residency rate: 34%

2.   mixed used area 12%

3.   The green area is 22% from all area

4.   the infrastructure is 32%

Ivoire Sheikh Zayed

Badya Palm Hills October Design

badya compound was designed with utmost care by the company that made badya cope with modern designs, which is the biggest part made for land scapes and green spaces.

The total area of badya is 3000 feddans and it contains 6 residential areas and the each area has own services in 360 feddans.

Lugar New Zayed

Badya palm hills 6 october units

Palm hills badya contain 340 villas and 1040 units with alot of different spaces, which pleases all clients, and meet different needs for them.

there are a different badya units such as

●    Apartments: the space of badya compound apartments ranges from 85 to 250

●    Townhouse: Townhouse spaces in badya palm hills october ranges from 180 to 185

●    Twin House:Twin house space range from 234 tp 263 in badya palm hills 6 october

●    Villas: starts from 195 to 500 in badya

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Badya compound services

Badya palm hills october offers a lot of services to all clients through meet all needs and provide entertainment to them which the company to provide means of entertainment and alot of general services such as:

1. palm hills badya october compound contain a commercial area which offers a lot of services in commercaial , medical, educational aspects.

2. there are many landscapes and green spaces in badya which is features by wonderful view

3. In badya palm hills there are a lot of famous restaurants and cafes which offers many good dishes and drinks

4. badya compound has a lot of sports equipment and machines like gyms and running area

5. Badya compound October has a lot of medical centers like: clinics and pharmacies

6. Provide suitable spaces to all clients to practice their hobbies.

7. palm hills badya has a kids area to make children play as they want and enjoy their time with parents.

8.badya palm hills 6 october ensures safety through a lot of guards and cameras that located in the compound

9. there are a lot of parking area in badya palm hills october which the clients can park their cars easy systems to deal with any fire occurs in the badya compound

11.There are cleaning services to keep the compound heathy

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Badya Palm Hills

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Palm Hills Badya Developer

Palm Hills is considered pioneer in real estate development in egypt for 17 years because it implements a lot of wonderful projects that mix between commercial and residential. it seek to perform a lot of projects to achieve architectural renaissance

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Contacting Badya Palm Hills 6 October Sales

If you want to contact Badya Palm Hills sales, you can through the following: Call now: 01146812776Phone or WhatsApp

Badya 6 October Apartments Prices?

Apartment prices start from 2 million 427 thousand pounds.

What are the unit spaces within Badya?

Starts from 99 Meter to 312 Meter.

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