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Ora Real Estate is a term associated with excellence as it is a leading company whose name shines in the sky of advanced and modern real estate development and construction, delivering the most important projects competing with the global real estate market. Ola Real Estate Development Develop projects similar to those in Europe. Ora's development efforts are not limited to the local and Arabic markets. Its sales have surpassed all countries in the world, and it has won the trust and satisfaction of a large number of well-known customers.

Information about Ora Property Development Corporation

Ora is an Egyptian joint stock company established in 2016 and previously known as Gemini International for Real Estate Development until it changed its name to Ora in 2018. It is headed by skilled businessman/Naguib Sawiris and its management is characterized by making the most important Decide.

Marketing Director/Haitham Mohamed and Staffors Karmadinos Director of Overseas Projects/Tarek Hamdi Executive Director/Omar Samara Financial Management Director/Mohamed Sheta Administrative Agent/Wafaa Latif are the most prominent members and directors.

Ora Real Estate Strategy 

Ora Developers Sawiris faces several challenges and has many future goals that they strive to achieve day in and day out. Thanks to this integrated system, building a better future is possible. The main objective of Ora Real Estate is national development and promotion of national development A degree in economics is a priority for the company, as is the revival of local tourism It has all the items as it is created in the utmost luxury and elegance.

Ora company projects

Ora Real Estate Development provides a miniature model of creating an integrated city in a large city, so we found that it is building these projects with all the required infrastructure and all its residential projects are surrounded by services and occupancy, proving it Commitment to service to owners and guests.

The ZeD project is located in Sheikh Zayed City, Giza Province and covers an area of ​​165 acres. This vast area has been divided into buildings and various residential units as well as other administrative buildings which will be used for all administrative tasks such as serving as the administrative headquarters Offices or conference rooms will develop a hotel with the utmost elegance and refined hospitality. It is known for its proximity to Arkan Mall Hyper One and the most important areas of 6th of October City.

Ora Real Estate Development Company will implement the project in phases, constructing residential towers up to 20 storeys, as well as social and sports clubs and dedicated car parks for each residential tower. High quality preparation and finishing work in progress and luxury levels.

Ora Real Estate Development Company is working on major projects around the world including Ayia napa marina, an integrated residential tourism project called Nocera in London, UK and Cyprus, as well as a project in Islamabad, Pakistan and another A project called Silversands on Grenada's most important beach. These projects are regarded as the stamp of Egypt in the developed countries of the world because of their confidence in the quality and documentation of the construction and the innovative and advanced level of Ora Real Estate, because The level of elegance and sophistication is reflected in their use of smart and modern technology such as energy efficient lighting and electrical systems, the use of solar energy and remote controls to operate or shut down everything.

Bringing Ora Real Estate Development back to the skies of New Cairo, the Nile City Towers project has stunning views of Cairo landmarks and is one of the most important projects currently under construction, with a wide range of units ranging from detached apartments to duplexes Done with maximum efficiency. Pyramids Hills in 6th of October City, near the pyramid area, is a comprehensive residential city. The entire city is filled with trees and lovely greenery, covered with industrial mulch for landscaping. Ola Real Estate is about to launch an integrated tourism and entertainment project on the North Coast, boasting some of the most breathtaking views along the dazzling Mediterranean coast.

Ora Real Estate is also eager to attract clients by offering flexible payment options such as 10% down payment and the rest over a period of up to 6 years and strives to attend all investment property exhibitions by announcing with clients by or share project very effective marketing. As well as continuing to run its wildly popular advertising campaign, its initiative resonates in every country on earth.

Ora Real Estate Company's most notable works include:

  1. Zed Towers, Sheikh Zayed
  2. Zed East Compound, New Cairo
  3. Nile City Project.
  4. Pyramids Hills Compound, 6th October
  5. Silver Sands Compound in the Caribbean Islands of Grenada.
  6. Ayia Napa marina project in Cyprus
  7. SilverSands Resort, North Coast .
  • Count Of Projects : 8
  • Count Of Properties : 236
  • Location
    • new cairo
    • 6 October
    • New Katameya

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