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Anchor Developments is a subsidiary of Sarh Real Estate Company, a leading real estate investment and development company founded by a group of experts in the field of real estate development in the Arab Republic of Egypt with more than 10 years of experience and company The ambition and pursuit of those in charge to achieve the best standards of quality and urban development, including We anchor real estate.

Anchor developments conducts business planning and urban development for developer companies with balanced investment land to meet the highest standards and utilize various resources in the best way to achieve the best results for each investor seeking investment. Reaching the maximum reward crowns success.

Anchor Developments Manager

Ahmed Ghoniem

Ahmed Ghoneim is the Executive Director of Anchor Real Estate Company and has more than 15 years of professional experience in addition to his achievements in various fields of administrative and financial accounting.

Ahmed Ghoneim has carved his name in several prominent projects in the Egyptian real estate market, as one of his responsibilities was to lead and manage leading companies in other fields, including Orascom Development and Development and Damac Real Estate.

Anchor Developments Projects

  • Upville Compound 6 October
  • Ville District October.
  • SkyVille Compound October.
  • Red Coral Red Sea.
  • Amarous Sahl Hashesh.
  • Atrium Sheikh Zayed.
  • Rivoli Mall New Capital

rivoli mall new capital

Rivoli Mall is the latest project of Anjia Real Estate Development Company in the new administrative capital. Apart from being located in the heart of the administrative capital of the investor district, the shopping center also distinguishes itself from other competing projects with luxurious services. The mall is also equipped with various units between commercial, administrative and medical to meet the various needs of investors.

Anchor Real Estate Development Company is also keen to add a sense of pride and sophistication to the design, being the best choice for every new commercial project, and this project is equipped with the most comfortable installation system to suit all customers, and at a competitive price Prices make Rivoli Mall the most important real estate project in Anchor. 

  • Count Of Projects : 1
  • Count Of Properties : 2
  • Location
    • New Capital

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